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China and S Korea - Novorossiysk service

The China and S Korea to Novorossiysk shipping route is a major trade and transportation corridor connecting countries in East Asia to Russia. The route connects major ports in China and South Korea, such as Ningbo, Qingdao, Shanghai, Xingang (Tianjin), Xiamen and Busan to the port of Novorossiysk service. Transit times vary by origin, but Vuxx Shipping ensures that a reliable service is delivered to its customers. Novorossiysk’s strategic location makes it an important gateway into western and northern Russia and a popular option for shippers.

Port rotation and transit times

Novorossiysk Destination - Vuxx International Shipping

Port rotation


Dalian, Xingang(Tianjin), Busan served via Nansha
Nansha, Ningbo, Qingdao, Shanghai served via Istanbul
Xiamen via Ningbo


Novorossiysk – Istanbul – Qingdao/ Nansha

Transit times westbound

Nansha Istanbul Novorossiysk
Dalian 8 38 42
Nansha 0 30 34
Ningbo 2 32 36
Qingdao 7 37 41
Shanghai 4 34 38
Xingang (Tianjin) 9 39 43
Xiamen 2 32 36
Busan 4 34 38

Transit times eastbound

Istanbul Nansha
Novorossiysk 3 41
Port rotation and transit times are subject to change. Please contact us for the latest information

Ports on this route

Port Code
Novorossiysk RULED
Nansha CNNSA
Dalian CNDLC
Ningbo CNNBG
Qingdao CNQDG
Shanghai CNSGH
Xingang (Tianjin) CNXGG
Xiamen CNXMG

Route notifications

Port congestion expected in Jebel Ali port

31 October 2022

5 Days delay in Saint Petersburg

15 October 2022

Heavy weather expected in Misurata

15 October 2022

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